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New gig in Kiev coming!

Welcome in everyone keen on melody and drive to Kiev club Torba (Pravdy avenue, 66) on October 19. The night should be a killer: alongside FIRELAKE on stage are SPIRITUAL VOID (Odesa, melodic death), TWILIGHT CATHEDRAL (Kiev, doom), TEMPORARY SUFFERINGS. See ya soon!

13 october 2005

Staff changes

We'd like to inform that due to certain reasons and circumstances Firelake have officially severed the relations with their band manager Alexey Inerren. As of now, please send the gig proposals to Further managerial changes will be announced later.

20 september 2005

Dark Rise fest impressions

A cluster of 7 bands, 4 hours of thrashing sound and heated (not only by liquors) atmosphere in the hall - this is what the Dark Rise fest will be remembered by! We are thankful to the fest organizers for their efforts in making the event happen, so as hail the colleague-musicians for the beer-ful communication. Check out our photos from the trip.

3 february 2005


28 January 2005


13 september 2004

New site

New Firelake image. It's a great news for us to inform you of a new site design coming soon. We are about to launch our hugely updated web-site on a new domain - Check out our cover image for The Temptation Journey there currently - the rest of the site coming shortly!

2 december 2003


Rechitsa gig photos

On November 29 Rechitsa (Belarus) hosted a rock festival dedicated to International Anti-AIDS Day. Check out our photo report of the trip in the Photos section.

2 december 2003


21 october 2003

Almost there

We hope you would like this news as much as we do. All of the parts have been recorded, and now it has to be put together. Keep your ears open, the album will be out soon.

24 september 2003

New drummer

Firelake picks up Alexander Kiprianov as a new drummer, as Andrey Salnikov had to quit the band recently. The photo of Alexander is already on-line.

22 july 2003


To wrap up the Black Nephrite festival, we'd like to thank you all who indulged in active head-banging to display your support of our on-stage performance. We are also thankful to those who were less enthusiastic about our Friday gig - we are always open-minded to reasonable criticism. You can feast your eyes on the gig images in our Photo section. See you later everybody.

26 may 2003

Black Nephrite festival

We are glad to inform you of a gig launching on May 23 in the Kiev “Leningrad” theater backstage area (adjacent to Leningardskaya square). The hall will open its doors to metallers at 6 p.m. Find more details on gig line-up and stage location at Froster Online web-site.

13 may 2003

Brand-new photos

Yesterday gig in Barvy club here in Kiev was quite a memorable event. Today we post a brand-new photo session made right there. Hit the Photos section now to take a look at these great pix.

21 march 2003


Dear fans of the melodic death art, we are scheduled March 20, with other 5 bands to expose your ears to melodic torture in the well-known "Barvy" lair. Everyone's invited to taste beer to the music or the other way round. Whatever!

14 march 2003

One more song to download

You're welocome to download one more song we just posted. Is't really a song for it's raw mixed with vocals.

13 march 2003

News from studio

Keeping you updated on the album recording process, we have completed a song with female vocals and now work hard on the mix. In the meantime, drop into the Photos section to check out several brand new pics from the studio.

25 february 2003

Gig photos

 Full of positive impressions after the yesterday “Barvy” gig, we bring you a handful of fresh hands-on photos to feast your eyes on. So check out the Photo section and thanks everybody to have supported us yesterday in the hall!

26 december 2002


Here comes the good news - it will be exactly in a month's time that we climb up the stage of a cosy Kiev club "Barvy" for another gig. So, all the metallers in the vicinity, be welcome for the concert where we'll play as old, so as new compositions. What's peculiar about it all this time, is that we play them in the original tuning of such bands as Carcass, At The Gates, and this, as we believe, adds to the general murkiness of the songs. So come and check out our new sound! Keep an eye on later news updates for more details on the gig participants and showtime.

26 november 2002

News from recording studio

Updating you on our recording progress, we'd like to inform of two more songs - The Chosen One and Stranger's Prophecy completed. Expect the rest of mixing to be accomplished in the nearest time.

5 november 2002

Latest update

The Releases section contains the draft mix of "Marooned", an instrumental song off our debut album we are shaping up right now. Click here to dowload the composition. Make sure you leave your gripe, ideas and comments in our Fire Guest-book.

19 august 2002


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