The band first got together in Spring 1997, when 3 first-year students of Kiev Taras Shevchenko University realized during the class that listening to heavy music and desire to actually play it was their common interest. One of them happened to have an associate, bearer of a stentorian growling skills willing to vocalize his talent within a heavy band like ours. This has decided on a first lot of the band. In 1997 we all tried our hands, to put it better our strings for the first time. We were all keen on turning out something special and interesting. Having all been exposed to massive influence of "Swedish wave" i.e. At the Gates, In Flames, Dark Tranquility we chose to stay in the same line. It's worth mentioning that we were short of the instruments (two semi-acoustic guitars, or at least the way we called them), the same was with sound processors or distortion pedals, so we made use of unique capacity of the speakers, playing at major over-peaks, which was a feeble resemblance of real distortion. Our team was another problem we were to face. Three of us could play guitar, one was limited to vocal only. We had neither a bassist nor a drummer. One day during this wonderful hi-tech rehearsal the guitarists' team was inflicted major damage. Andrey and Alexei (rhythm) fell over with each other over some trifle and Andrey made up his mind to quit guitars and give drums a try. He was hopeless for the first time, but he seemed to have liked the kit. From that moment we went to play in the following roles - Roman (vocals), Oleg (lead guitar), Alexei (rhythm guitar), Andrey (drums). We were playing every now and then and our skills and music, strangely enough, were improving and expanding. In February 1998 Roman quit the band and we were left without a vocalist. Early in spring of 1998 Firelake took their first performance on Kiev stage, a mini-gig of five rough songs played in two guitars and drums in local metal bar Grave. Vocals were performed by renowned Kiev metal-lover Alexei "Bes" (Demon). Then we tried to keep on rehearsing in Grave, but due to certain discord with Bes and soon closedown of the very Grave, we started to seek another studio and vocallist. Roman (the former growl-man) introduced us to Dmitry, an acquaintance of his, also known on Kiev scene as Lenin. Lenin helped us out with bass guitarist Roman to complete the band formation.

Vehement rehearsals went on, compositions got polished bit by bit and the overall style shaped up into melodic death metal with a wicked mix of Swedish-Slav tunes. In half a year, namely in November 1998 our second concert took place in Kiev, this time in Korolyov House of Culture where we played together with Disclaimer, our University buddies. In winter of 1999 there came another discord, this time with Lenin resulting in his quitting the band and bass guitarist Roman taking up vocals. More rehearsals and another gig followed up. In March of 1999 "At Voland's Hut" event teamed up Impact, Disclaimer, Camera Obscura, Te Deum, Firelake and Unerase. That session we see as probably the first mature band's performance with the full-fledged La Sainte Lutte program with keyboards and female vocals added. Though the first try is not always lucky, people say, that gig inspired us like never before. It was on 23 April when we played together with Kiev-based Unerase and Blast from Kharkiv within the framework of the fifth The Great Commandment session in Kiev Rus hall. That very performance must have been the top successful for us for at the moment - was it by fluke or by god, we had a splendid sound, this awfully important thing for musician, you know. Straight after the gig an interview for "Ukraina Moloda" newspaper followed up, along with an hour of chat on Radio Rocks Ukraine live.

Then it all turned upside down and problems started. The first trouble was loss of our own rehearsal studio, and lack of systematic rehearsals (hard to fancy anything worse for a band) as a result. We also faced disagreement and strife within the band itself. Whatever hard the tries not to lose the attained level were, that could barely be evaded. Despite the loss in "class", we still went on rehearsing at studios we managed to find now and then. On 26 November 1999 the ninth The Great Commandment session featured Firelake, Reflection, Egoism and Unerase. As it is widely-known, no pains, no gains, that's why we gained only further aggravated internal problems and discord out of that performance: a question to repeatedly pop up later on arose - to be or not to be for the band. During the following half a year indifference and silence reigned, but thereafter the old yen for drum-and-distortion rave prevailed and made us get our hands on instruments again. In spring of 2000 we had several productive rehearsals, but these proved too little to prepare us for the gig we had been offered to play at. This way it went all through the summer of 2000. From September on, Firelake went to rehearse in Irpen together with local Utopia. In fact, this upsurge turned out rather brief and closer to winter these trips were off. So this was through such ups and downs that we created our music. Much has changed for us now: first off, it's the vision and stance on what we do - sober providence and ability to weigh up the situation objectively has ousted childish recklesness. What has been unchanged through this time is our firm belief of our potential. We see it as Firelake rebirth and reckon listeners will see it the same as we do. A full demo album is now in progress.

The current Firelake are:

-Romanych (bass/vocals)
-Oleg Yavorsky (guitars)
-Ruslan Drozd (guitars)
-Andrey Salnikov (drums)

In hope and anticipation of hailing metal lovers soon. !!!
Feel free to address your offers and questions at e-mail.



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